A treasure at 3voor12 live radio

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In a previous post I already mentioned the radiobroadcasts of 3voor12/Eindhoven on Glow FM, for which I am the audio-engineer on site. These radioshows happen every other month. On every episode, there is at least one artist or band who plays several songs live.

The last episode was a special one: Woody Veneman gave a masterclass of the music originating from Eindhoven. You can read everything about this (in Dutch) on the website of 3voor12/Eindhoven

Woody Veneman performed live several acoustic versions of his favorite songs from Eindhoven. His versions are real treasures. Here you can find my favourite: Rockcity, a song originally performed by Peter Pan Speedrock.

Update: Nice. The live recordings of these songs are, without any (re-)mixing, released on vinyl.

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