Cowfur Roots – Babylon

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This is the first assignment in mixing for my Audio Engineer course. With an eight track digital recorder a source, I had to create a well balanced mix using the Behringer SL3242-FX-PRO mixing console. Topics covered by this exercies are (unity) gain, equalizing, panning and effects, among others.

I’ve worked on a song called Babylon performed by Cowfur roots. Unfortunately, Google can’t find much info about these artists.

I have added lots of echo’s and reverbs, especially on the percussion, vocals and organ, which I think is appropriate for a reggae song. Also, there was an awful lot of noise on the recording, so I muted every track except the drumkit, up to the first count of the second bar, to make it not that obvious. Later on, the vocals are muted as well as the percussion in the last bar of the song.

While listening to the song, you might wonder why the backing vocals are so far in the back. Unfortunately, these vocals were on the same track as the lead vocal. Perhaps it is even better this way; I don’t think the backing singers would make it in an idols contest 🙂

So close your eyes, hit play (the other way around might be easier) and picture yourself on a white beach next to a palmtree… Oh, and while there, try to find the ‘practical joke’. If not heard the first time, you might want to try a headphone.

Thanks to Andreas Oszkiel for granting permission to publish to whole song! Credits go to all the artists and engineers. This version was mixed for educational purposes during my audio engineering diploma course. Clik on the mp3 box below to play the song.

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