Kurtis – Love you

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SAE at Byron Bay

SAE at Byron Bay

Using 24 tracks recorded in 2004 by Tom Misner and Andreas Oszkiel at SAE’s location in Byron Bay using a SSL 9000K, I have created a complete song by levelling, panning, equalizing, automating and adding a bunch of effects, all in Logic Express. The song is called Love you and being performed by Kurtis.

You can listen to the result on this page. Most central in this mix is a rhythm guitar, which after adding effects and settings, now sounds a bit like chic used to do in their hits. I have added a lot of reverb on the snaredrum, and a synth that has a bit of an acid taste.



I have added two breaks to the song. In the first break, at 42 seconds, all instruments make room for the bass. The second break takes place at 2:58, right after the guitar solo and let your ears enjoy the vocals of Kurtis Rettenmaier and the kick, with the percussion as a bridge to the last section of the song.

I also tried to work to a climax in the song. A second rhythm guitar starts playing not before the second verse; percussion only really kicks in at the first chorus. Using a second and a third track for the vocals also adds to this effect.

Thanks to Andreas Oszkiel for granting permission to publish to whole song! Credits go to all the artists and engineers. This version was mixed for educational purposes during my audio engineering diploma course. Click on the mp3 box below to play the song.

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