The Whip in concert

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No news on a project this time, but a shameless plug for a band and a concert.

On the edge of Rock, Dance and Techno you can find The Whip, a band originating from Manchester. If I’m not mistaken this was also the city of New Order. However, if you listen to the CD of The Whip you’ll find that both bands have more in common.

That CD, ‘X-marks destination’ was released around march 2008. Importing used to be a bit difficult but thanks to the internet you can easily arrange that nowadays. A few months later the CD was spinning the player at home and in the car driving to Spain.

Since late summer the CD is also available in the Netherlands, but importing it by yourself is still cheaper.

Anyway, next friday in the Melkweg in Amsterdam and for everyone (like me) who is celebrating Sinterklaas, to be heard next saturday in the Botanique in Brussels. Anybody who knows the Botanique, like where to quickly and cheaply park my car? Because my lesson at SAE Rotterdam ends between 4 and 6, and the concert starts at 8 o’clock. I need to hurry I guess. 🙂 Just shout if you want to join in!

Let’s pre-party! Click to start the youtube movie!

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