Mensergerjeniet – 4 kleine woordjes

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Mensergerjeniet is a swinging Dutch ska & reggae band. Inspired by “Doe Maar“, a popular Dutch band from his youth, Roy (singer, guitarplayer & writer) started searching for musicians with the same ideas of making music.

We come in contact October 2008. The band already recorded two songs in a studio before but it did not lead to much – the result was never made available to the public. Despite that, they would like to give another studiosession a try.



Finally we are in a studio on an early morning in March 2009 to record drums and bass of their song 4 kleine woordjes. After the setup, tuning and adjusting drums and microphones (thanks Marco de Jongh for your help!), which takes a lot of time, we have a successful recording after a few takes. While you might come off very well with a little error in a live situation, the studio is very honest and relentless.

Sure enough, we have 45 minutes left before the studio closes, and suddenly the band can’t be stopped. Is it Dirk, the solo guitarplayer, who comes by to socialize and plays along with his trousers up to the ankles? Two more songs are being recorded in no time. At the end of day one, we have the foundation of three instead of one song!

But there’s still a lot of work to be done: two guitarplayers, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and three vocalists: every single one of them comes to the studio to record their piece. Despite my fiery wish there’s is no more time to record percussion.

I started mixing the first of the three songs this month. 4 kleine woordjes (4 little words – you might be surprised once you know which) comes out very well. It’s hard not to move your feet while listening!

Check their website if you care for a swinging and cheerful concert with catching ska! We might meet each other. Don’t be surprised about Dirk’s trousers 🙂

Click on the mp3 box below to listen to 4 kleine woordjes.

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