Video Spanish Blues Band in concert

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By now I have the luxury that I regularly may provide the audio for a concert or festival. But every now and then something appears on my stage that touches me more than usual. A concert that runs smoothly and at witch the music and technique work together to make a greater sum than the individual parts. And if the style of the music is something you don’t see that often in Rockcity Eindhoven, I just have to share it with you.

At Eindhoven, the union of musicians called Paraplu has moved into the building of PopEi, providing rooms for rehearsal, a bistro, a recording studio and a music venue. To celebrate this, a little festival ‘Onder de Paraplu’ has been organized. The kickoff of this was provided by Spanish Blues Band, a especially for this occasion group of passionate musicians brought together by Eric van Donkersgoed. Here is a video impression of that concert, at which I provided the monitor and front of house mix. A big thanks to Eric van Donkersgoed for his permission and the video-edit.

Update: the video has been removed from youtube; presumably by the owner.

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