DJ Mix (2)

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Alright, here’s an other one 🙂

When a DJ creates a mix it is of course important that the beats are synchronized. In this mix, I go a step further and mix on pitch.

Different records have different keys. Some combinations of keys sound alright, some beautiful and some awful. The most beautiful combinations are a perfect fifth apart from each other, because those scales share the most notes. By using that theory, a DJ mix can become even more fluent, and this mix is a nice example of that. The combinations of the records are all in the same key, or are exactly a perfect fifth apart from each other.

Back to the nineties and zeros. With the Pussycat Dolls on top of Rihanna, the last good song that Prince wrote, Jennifer Lopez on top of Madonna, and even a tiny little bit of Dutch reggae by Doe Maar woven in Lykke Li. Please leave a comment, like and share. Thanks!

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