Behind the scenes at TV news

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On facebook Dutch broadcaster Omroep Brabant
gave a unique view behind the scenes at TV news.

On Air

On Air

During the live television broadcast, they streamed from the control room, where both technical and content decisions are being taken. During broadcast, the control room is normally not accessible, not even for colleagues, as indicated by a red light.


You can see 4 persons in the control room. There is one person responsible for the content and someone who operates the autocue, a device that enables the presentator to read the text while looking in the camera. The audio-engineer (being me) makes sure everything is well audible, matches the volume, and makes it possible for everybody to communicate with each other without disrupting the broadcast, so one can give instructions to the presentator and reporters on site. At last, there is a director who, among others, operates the cameras and is technically responsible.


After the show, you are also given a unique view in the studio itself, where presentator Cindy de Koning explains even more regarding her workplace.


Some viewers of the facebook stream were a bit disappointed they couldn’t see the actual broadcast. That’s why I combined those two in the video below. The audio could have been better; unfortunately the facebook team didn’t have an audio-engineer with them 😉

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