Broadcasting from Cape Verde

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I have been working for BNR Nieuwsradio since 2021. I provide, among other things, the audio technology for the broadcasts on various locations, including The Friday Move, presented by Wilfred Genee.

There was a special episode of this radio program on November 10, 2023. It was broadcast live from Cape Verde in Africa and sponsored by TUI. The trip was perfectly arranged by TUI. The stay and hospitality at RIU Palace Santa Maria were also excellent. Because Wilfred could not combine this trip with other work, this episode was presented by Sander de Kramer. Co-host was Pernille La Lau.

Team & guests from The Friday move at Cape Verde
Team & guests from The Friday move at Cape Verde

Making a live Dutch radio program (including live images for an internet stream) from an island in Africa is a small but fun technical challenge. It is up to my colleague Joris and I to make this happen. So, with the pilot’s exemption, 119 kilos of technical baggage was loaded into a Boeing. Joris left 3 days before the broadcast with all the technology and I left 2 days later. This way, if Joris were to encounter problems despite the preparations, I could make arrangements from the Netherlands if necessary or bring extra or missing items with me. Fortunately, that turned out not to be necessary.

On Friday morning we built a mobile studio together and on Friday afternoon we broadcast live and flawlessly.

We flew back together on Saturday. The following week we broadcast from the PSV stadium in Eindhoven, and I was able to take my bike to my destination. Small difference 🙂

Watch the opening of the show here:

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