Blokade – Wil je weten wie ik ben? (unplugged)

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Time for the next project. A few months ago I got in contact with Blokade. Five friends who rather rock then be subtle. No sweet lovesongs in 4/4 (or even worse: 3/4) time signature, but hard and rough and lyrics with a painly undertone.

When I suggest to them, after visiting a live concert, to record a song acousticly they first look dismayed. Acousticly? Subtle? Unplugged? It takes a while before I see that enthusiasm that I am looking for in a band.

Unplugged it is. We book the SSL studio in Rotterdam on august 20th. Unfortunately Lorq, the drummer, and his cajón can’t make it. But when the only member of the band that can keep a beat can’t make it, these guys go nuts. The clicktrack is kindly being told to shut up after two bars, and off they go.

When take 8 has been recorded, most of us are satisfied. Pause. Time for nicotine and cafeine. And time for that beer that had to go earlier that evening, while entering the school building.

Blokade in concert

Blokade in concert

Pause. Only Horvat (vocals) and Rubinho (guitar) wait a while and are jamming along. Fortunately that is also being recorded because Horvat now sings more relaxed and a bit lower. A bit to low for his voice, but still more appropriate for an unplugged version.

In the days that follow, I start mixing the recording, and the vocals are really giving me a hard time. I want to take the vocals of take 9 and merge them with the instruments of take 8, but without a clicktrack and thus with a very variable tempo, it’s very hard to do so. I try several digital programs and methods, but each time I find myself throwing away the result. Finally, I succeed in Logic to match the tempo in a way you don’t clearly hear that the voice is digitally manipulated.

An appointment to return to the studio is being made that same evening. We will then record a plugged version, and whether they like it or not, use a clicktrack 🙂 For now Blokade can add a unplugged demo to their list, and you can click below for the result!

Wil je weten wie ik ben? is a song about doubts, playing a waiting game, disappointments in people, and the struggle between your own safe space and a relationship. That’s were the resemblance with a certain person ends. That is also were the lyrics ends by the way…

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