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Once again an assignment for making a bandmix. This time by using the Yamaha 01V mixing console. This is a digital mixer with builtin effects. Working with a digital mixer is completely different and not to be compared with an analog table. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. The purpose of this assignment is to learn the principle of an digital mixer, and learning the Yamaha 01V particular.

Yamaha 01v

Yamaha 01v

14 tracks are used for this rockballad kind o’ thing. The song is called Francis!, but the performer is, unfortunately, unknown to me. The user defined keys on the 01V can be used to quickly recall a previous stored scene. I created a total of 4 scenes for this mix and assigned them each to a user defined button. This allowed for differences in the panning and the level of two guitar tracks. During the two guitar solo’s, these sources and panned centre and their dry signals were send a bit more to the main mix.

As a bonus on the CD submitted, a ‘radio edit’ can be found. The original length, 6 minutes long, was a bit boring. The radio edit is almost two minutes shorter, without effecting the structure of the song. Initially I wanted the radio edit to be even shorter, but I could not do that without seriously effecting the logic of the song.

So far, I don’t have permission to publish the complete song on this website. A 30 seconds sample is published instead. You can listen to it by clicking on the mp3 box below.

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